RTU — Real-Time Understanding, the new currency of real-time optimisation

The team from VisualDNA will discuss how advertisers are looking for new ways to understand their customers in real-time and how the hunger for information is growing globally to understand the emotive make-up of their audience. The team will demonstrate an entirely new real-time product at the event.

Background Real-time bidding is currently mostly fuelled by second-hand data. Real-time bidding is seeing rapid growth but much of the market is currently fuelled by data that is the exhaust from businesses that are selling data as an add-on to their main activity. Brands need data that is expressly intended to meet the advertisers needs.

Brands want an audience that fits their values. Brands and advertisers want to guarantee not only the age and gender of their audience, they want to make sure that they are targeting people that 'fit' their brand values.

Emotive Segmentation delivers audiences that align with brand values. There is an emerging requirement to deliver Emotive Segmentation to the real-time marketplace. Data that can specifically determine the 'type' of person, their motivations, aspirations and overall life attitude.

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