Digital Humanities Between Research and Infrastructure (на английском)

Some might still not be aware of it, but digital aspects are nowadays an integral part of any research project in the Humanities. Talking about algorithms, operationalisation or infrastructures in the context of History or Literary Studies should not result in a too harsh cognitive dissonance any more.

This talk will recapitulate how new methods and tools create new common ground in the research process serving as basis to communicate across disciplines. Never before have the Humanities been so interdisciplinary as under the conditions of the Digital Humanities.

However, the oscillation between hermeneutic research questions and concrete technical implementations has also led to an increase in the degree of complexity. The reaction to this is, among other things, the formation of Digital Humanities project teams, labs, centres, and associations. In addition, the development and maintenance of larger research infrastructures like DARIAH or CLARIN is becoming increasingly important, both locally and internationally.

How do the Digital Humanities operate? How are research questions scaled up using digital technology? And how can an infrastructure support the day-to-day research of individual researchers?

Профессор расскажет о применении современных технологий в гуманитарных науках и о том, как европейский проект DARIAH-EU помогает исследователям-гуманитариям использовать новые методы.