Watch your back, Browser! You're being observed.

Web development can be tough. DOM APIs are known to be not convenient, and often we build the same things over and over again. Thanks to rolling releases by the browser vendors that changed. The development of the web as a platform has speed like never before. New APIs land in Browsers with every release. There is also this new term of “reactive programming” and new Observer/Observable APIs.

Looking for a way to detect DOM changes to update a different part of the page? MutationObserver got you covered. Want to get notified when elements enter the viewport to load assets? IntersectionObserver is your friend. You’re dealing with sequences of events over time and want to save some headaches? Observables will make your life way easier.

This talk we’ll cover the use cases of Observer/Observable APIs, go over the implementation details, and teach you what you need to know to use them in production.