Разработчики сайтов могут загружать различные JavaScript-фреймворки и библиотеки с открытым исходным кодом с серверов Яндекса по постоянным ссылкам.

The Architect Way

Over the past two years we have written 400,000 lines of code, front to back and all in javascript, they are driving the largest node.js application currently out there. Since last year, when Cloud9's CTO Rik Arends gave a stunning presentation at YaC 2011 we've added true collaboration, limitless run environments and a local version.

We'll discuss the challenges that we faced when expanding Cloud9, how we decentralized part of our infrastructure, the way we built a plugin based node.js application, and how to manage a large loosely coupled codebase in javascript. A must see for every developer that is writing node.js applications and want to keep them manageable and stable over time.