Managing API Complexity

APIs are proliferating on the web, providing app developers with ready access to a wide range of data and services, yet very few apps take advantage of more than one or two API providers. Arbitrary inconsistencies between APIs -- from authentication to input/output formats to details as small as timestamps or pagination -- mean every new API brings its own unnecessarily redundent learning curve, draining developer's most precious resource: time.

Temboo is part of an emerging class of services for managing and scaling API usage. By NORMALIZING access to APIs (as well as their associated documentation and credentials) these services do for development what PaaS and server virtualization have already done for app deployment and infrastructure. "Code virtualization", whereby all the tedious details of API access are abstracted away in standardized cloud-based processes, will free developers to spend their time writing only the code that actually makes their app unique. And that means more unique apps for everyone.